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About OpenSolaris Redistributable Books

Consisting of 41 titles and originally published on July 15th, 2009, this collection represents the final docs release of the OpenSolaris project. For ease of use, the titles have been organized by subject matter and grouped according to their intended target audience. For each title, a brief synopsis has been provided. Otherwise, the books are exactly as originally published. No editing of any kind has been performed on any of the titles. This documentation collection has been released under the Public Documentation License (PDL).


When using these books, please bear in mind:

  • The OpenIndiana Project has republished these books primarily for their reference value.
  • Although vast portions of these books are still relevant, significant divergence has occurred between OpenIndiana Hipster and OpenSolaris/Solaris Express.
  • Some of the books in this collection reference publications which were either never open-sourced by Sun Microsystems or never released by the OpenSolaris Project.
    • For example, the OpenSolaris Developer's Reference Guide was never released as part of this collection. However, the illumos project has published a similar title: The illumos Developer's Guide
  • There are lots of broken links to and Sun Microsystems.
  • In some cases, it may be possible to follow broken links by using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Book categories

  • Getting Started with OpenSolaris
  • System Administration Guide: Basic Administration
  • Solaris Express Developer Edition What's New
  • Solaris Express Developer Edition Release Notes
  • Solaris Express Installation Guide: Planning for Installation and Upgrade
  • Solaris Express Installation Guide: Basic Installations
  • Solaris Express Developer Edition Installation Guide: Laptop Installations
  • Solaris Express Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations
  • Solaris Express Installation Guide: Solaris Flash Archives (Creation and Installation)
  • Solaris Express Installation Guide: Solaris Live Upgrade and Upgrade Planning
  • Solaris Express Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations
  • Solaris Express Package List
  • Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide
  • Solaris Modular Debugger Guide
  • Device Driver Tutorial
  • Writing Device Drivers
  • Application Packaging Developer's Guide
  • OpenSolaris Distribution Constructor Guide
  • Memory and Thread Placement Optimization Developer's Guide
  • Solaris Containers: Resource Management and Solaris Zones Developer's Guide
  • Solaris Trusted Extensions Developer's Guide
  • OpenSolaris Managing Boot Environments
  • OpenSolaris 2009.06 Image Packaging System Guide
  • Solaris CIFS Administration Guide
  • Solaris ZFS Administration Guide
  • OpenSolaris Automated Installer Guide
  • System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration
  • System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems
  • System Administration Guide: IP Services
  • System Administration Guide: Network Services
  • System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)
  • System Administration Guide: Solaris Printing
  • System Administration Guide: Security Services
  • System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System
  • Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide
  • Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual
  • Solaris Trusted Extensions Installation and Configuration
  • Solaris Trusted Extensions User's Guide
  • Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures
  • Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration
  • Solaris Trusted Extensions Transition Guide
Several of the development related titles were updated in the early days of the illumos project.
  • Dynamic Tracing Guide
  • Modular Debugger Guide
  • Writing Device Drivers
  • Memory and Thread Placement Optimization Developer's Guide

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