2015.10 Release notes

So, after half a year we have new ISO:

Image Checksum
OI-hipster-gui-20151003.iso [SHA256]
OI-hipster-gui-20151003.usb [SHA256]
OI-hipster-text-20151003.iso [SHA256]
OI-hipster-text-20151003.usb [SHA256]

List of mirrors

There were a lot of changes since last snapshot. Note, we don't speak about release and prefer "snapshot" term.

General system changes

We synced IPS with Everycity version, which includes Oracle updates and fixes necessary for IPS to work on illumos. Two major changes from previous IPS shipped with OpenIndiana Hipster - now we have Python 2.7 IPS version (in addition to Python 2.6 one) and linked image is default zone type now. IPS knows about zones and enforces some restrictions - for example, now GZ's publisher list should be subset of NGS's publisher list.

Also distribution constructor was updated to use Python 2.7. Other changes include some preparations to support non-grub boot loaders. Text installer now creates separate FS for /var file system. We included text installer in GUI ISO images. The main issue with GUI installer is that it is written in C and there's no one supporting it. Text installer, written in python, is easier to maintain, so it gets more attention. So, GUI installer can be dropped in the next snapshot if we don't find people interested in syncing it with upstream and supporting it. GUI ISO images will be provided in any case.

Base Perl version was changed to 5.22. Support for 5.16 is retained. Perl 5.10 was completely removed, so you have to set PERL_VERSION="5.22" and PERL_PKGVERS="-522" in your illumos.sh to build illumos-gate.

Sun JDK/JRE were completely removed and replaced with OpenJDK. OpenJDK was updated to 1.7.76.

Desktop software and libraries

Also note that now we provide separate /hipster-encumbered repository with multimedia software, which includes necessary gstreamer codecs and ffmpeg.

Development tools and libraries

Server software

Other tools

As for other news, I'd like to mention that SFE repository for OpenIndiana Hipster is available - http://sfe.opencsw.org/localhostoih/. Thanks to SFE team for their efforts.

As always, we are proud to deliver to you latest illumos-gate bits. We integrated several changes from OpenIndiana /dev illumos-gate version to upstream illumos-gate. Note, that in OI Hipster useradd ZFS create/destroy features are enabled by default (as in OI /dev), this is controlled by /etc/default/useradd file.

There's also a lot of security fixes and small bug fixes.

As for missing things, I'd like to mention that we still don't deliver PHP 5.6. As PHP 5.4 is EOLed, we are going to remove it and add PHP 5.6. OpenOffice is still broken, but LibreOffice can be installed from SFE /localhostoih repository. It would be nice to port current radeon driver to Xorg 1.17.2. Mesa update to 11.x version is on the roadmap. And main issue which bugs me is ancient Firefox version. Unfortunately, I couldn't make plugins work in firefox 31, so we still ship FF 24.8.1.

Also I'd like to mention that we progressed in moving build receipts from legacy build systems to oi-userland. We miss only ~40 components from JDS (solaris-desktop~spec-files) and got about 100 packages from XNV (x-s12-clone) (about half is missing).