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OpenIndiana Content Creation


Why Fresh Website Content is so Important

Good docs and a steady stream of fresh website content inspires confidence in the project. These things show the project is alive and thriving. Here are a couple of end user quotes which serve as a reminder.

A User Comment Posted to the OI Wiki in 2011

Documentation such as a manual is essential in not just learning from, it tells everyone where the product is in the scheme of things. Referring to Oracle for documentation relating to OI just makes one have less confidence with OI itself. Look at the FreeBSD site documentation levels are really good and gives people confidence to try FreeBSD and its derivatives.

A User Comment Posted to the FreeBSD Forum in 2013

FreeBSD has been around almost as long as Unix itself existed (not entirely true, but you get the idea) and same can be said for Solaris as it was. Yet the OpenSolaris group basically still has to prove themselves. For all I know (from a commercial point of view) they could be gone next month. That makes it a liability, especially in comparison to Sun being out of the picture and the love/hate relationship with Oracle.

The goal of this page is to inspire you to contribute to the OpenIndiana Project by assisting with content creation.

  • Contributing doesn't mean you need to get involved in anything major.
  • Start small and only later consider taking on something larger.
  • Your contribution does not have to be confined to the OpenIndiana Docs website.
  • Any and all contributions which help further the development and promotion of OpenIndiana are welcome.

How to get started

  1. Begin by reading the Getting Started page.
  2. Then have a look at the Contributor Style Guide.
  3. As needed, reference the Markdown Syntax Guide to help you along the way.

When you are ready to begin contributing, pick a doc and then:

  • Add additional sectional placeholders.
  • Add in some TODO's.
  • Add some reference materials.
  • Author a single section.
  • Review for technical accuracy.

Smaller Works

  • FAQ maintenance
  • Writing a news story for the OpenIndiana website
  • Writing an episode of Hipster news
  • Writing a task based tutorial.

Larger Works

  • User Handbook development
  • Developer Handbook development
  • Reviewing the OpenSolaris books for technical accuracy and generating errata.

Finding additional ideas and suggestions

See the Contributor Topics page for specific items which need further development.

Contacting the documentation team

To make a suggestion or report a problem with a document, please make your request by submitting a Github issue.

The docs team can be reached via email: docs at

You may also inquire via IRC:

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