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Sun Ray Software

Some notes for installation of Sun Ray Software on OpenIndiana Hipster.


This configuration is not supported by OI nor by Oracle.


Since GNOME is replaced by Mate in Hipster, installation is a little bit more difficult. For Sun Ray it is still necessary to use GNOME GDM and some other GNOME applications. But it is possible to use also Mate applications like pluma or atril.


Multihead is possible but the Display Switcher Applet on GNOME-panel on the second screen won't start. So you can't reopen minimized windows on the second screen because these will terminate on minimazing.


Sun Ray Software still can be downloaded at (registration required). Download the Software for Solaris x86-64 and for Linux x86-64. From the Linux software we take scripts for configure ISC DHCP server described later.

Extract the archives.

The Solaris packages require Sun DHCP server, which we do not provide anymore. To solve this problem we replace the dependency with isc-dhcp in the IPS packages SUNWutr and SUNWuto with the following script:



# set -x

if [ -z $1 ] || [ ! -d $1 ]; then
    echo "usage: $0 repodirectory"

if [[ $1 != /* ]]; then


mkdir ${republish}

for p in SUNWutr SUNWuto; {
(cd ${republish}
  pkgrecv -d . --raw -s $repo $p || exit 2
  for d in $(ls $p); {
      (cd $p/$d
        sed -i s#service/network/dhcp#service/network/dhcp/isc-dhcp# manifest
        pkgrepo -s $repo remove $p
        pkgsend publish -s $repo -d . manifest
rm -r ${republish}

Run the script update_dhcp_dependency <extractdirectory>/srs_5.4.5.0-Solaris_11plus.i386/IPS.i386/ to replace the dependcy of package service/network/dhcp by service/network/dhcp/isc-dhcp.

Install IPS packages of the Sun Ray Software from the local repository

# pkg set-publisher -g <extractdirectory>/srs_5.4.5.0-Solaris_11plus.i386/IPS.i386/ sunray
# pkg install SUNWut-srss SUNWut-srwc SUNWuti

Do not use utinstall script, because its will setup a sunray publisher by its own which will interfere with our publisher of GNOME packages.

Due to package dependencies following packages will be installed:

SUNWut-srss (sunray)                                 i--
SUNWuta (sunray)                                     i--
SUNWutdso (sunray)                                    i--
SUNWutdsr (sunray)                                    i--
SUNWutesa (sunray)                                   i--
SUNWutgsm (sunray)                                   i--
SUNWuti (sunray)                                     i--
SUNWutid (sunray)                                    i--
SUNWutk (sunray)                                     i--
SUNWutm (sunray)                                     i--
SUNWuto (sunray)                                     i--
SUNWutps (sunray)                                    i--
SUNWutr (sunray)                                     i--
SUNWutref (sunray)                                   i--
SUNWutscr (sunray)                                   i--
SUNWutsrs (sunray)                                   i--
SUNWutstk (sunray)                                   i--
SUNWutsto (sunray)                                   i--
SUNWutstr (sunray)                                   i--
SUNWutsvt (sunray)                                    i--
SUNWuttsc (sunray)                                   i--
SUNWuttscd (sunray)                                  i--
SUNWuttscr (sunray)                                  i--
SUNWutu (sunray)                                     i--
SUNWutwa (sunray)                                     i--
SUNWutwar (sunray)                                   i--
SUNWutwh (sunray)                                    i--
SUNWutwl (sunray)                                    i--

Configure isc-dhcp

On Hipster ISC DHCP replaced the Sun DHCP server, but that's not a problem as ISC DHCP server for Sun Ray Server was used on Linux already.

So Sun Ray Server on Hipster has to use DHCP scripts like on Linux. But it is also possible to configure DHCP manually and to skip the utadm step. Here an example:

ddns-update-style none;

# option definitions common to all supported networks...
option domain-name "sunray.lan";
option domain-name-servers,;
option subnet-mask;
option broadcast-address;
option routers;
option space SunRay;
option SunRay.Intf code 33 = text;
option SunRay.Intf "nge1";
option SunRay.AuthSrvr code 21 = ip-address;
option SunRay.AuthSrvr;
option SunRay.AltAuth code 35 = array of ip-address;
option SunRay.AltAuth;
option SunRay.FWSrvr code 31 = ip-address;
option SunRay.FWSrvr;
option SunRay.NewTVer code 23 = text;
option SunRay.NewTVer "";
option SunRay.AuthPort code 22 = integer 16;
option SunRay.AuthPort 7009;
option SunRay.LogHost  code 24 = ip-address;
option SunRay.LogHost;
option SunRay.LogKern code 25 = integer 8;
option SunRay.LogKern 6;
option SunRay.LogNet code 26 = integer 8;
option SunRay.LogNet 6;
option SunRay.LogUSB code 27 = integer 8;
option SunRay.LogUSB 6;
option SunRay.LogVid code 28 = integer 8;
option SunRay.LogVid 6;
option SunRay.LogAppl code 29 = integer 8;
option SunRay.LogAppl 6;
option SunRay.sunray-servers code 68 = text;
option SunRay.sunray-servers "oi-sr.sunray.lan";
option SunRay.sunray-config-servers code 67 = text;
option SunRay.sunray-config-servers "oi-sr.sunray.lan";

default-lease-time 86400;
max-lease-time 86400;

class "sun" {
  match if substring (option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 4) = "SUNW";

log-facility local7;

host sr1.sunray.lan {
  hardware ethernet 00:14:4f:57:a0:c1;
  vendor-option-space SunRay;

subnet netmask {

Vendor specific DHCP options are described in the Sun Ray Software: Alternate Client Initialization Reqs Using DHCP document. The config file /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf has to link to /etc/inet/dhcp4.conf so that the svc:/network/dhcp/server:ipv4 service can leverage it.

To switch Sun Ray Software to isc-dhcp we take scripts located in path /opt/SUNWut/lib/dhcp/isc from the Sun Ray Software package for Linux (SUNWuto-4.5-44.i386.rpm). Extract the package with rpm2cpio:

# pkg install rpm
$ rpm2cpio SUNWuto-4.5-44.i386.rpm | cpio -idv <tmprpmdirectory>

Rename dhcp_config_linux to dhcp_config_solaris and replace the sort command with his GNU implementation gsort by appling this patch on script `dhcp_config_linux:

diff --git a/dhcp_config_linux b/dhcp_config_linux
index 001aa42..0165941 100755
--- a/dhcp_config_linux
+++ b/dhcp_config_linux
@@ -462,7 +462,7 @@ TranslateEther() {

-   ls $UTDHCPDIR | sort -g | grep "SunRay-ether" > $TMPLISTFILE
+ ls $UTDHCPDIR | gsort -g | grep "SunRay-ether" > $TMPLISTFILE
        if [[ $? != 0 ]]; then
                rm -f $TMPLISTFILE 2>/dev/null
                return 1
@@ -552,7 +552,7 @@ TranslateSubnet() {

        if [ -z "$INFILE" ]; then
                # list all the subnet files
-           ls $UTDHCPDIR | sort -g | grep "SunRay-subnet" > $TMPLISTFILE
+         ls $UTDHCPDIR | gsort -g | grep "SunRay-subnet" > $TMPLISTFILE
                if [[ $? != 0 ]]; then
                        rm -f $TMPLISTFILE 2>/dev/null
                        return 1
@@ -616,7 +616,7 @@ TranslateInterface() {

-   ls $UTDHCPDIR | sort -g | grep "SunRay-interface" > $TMPLISTFILE
+ ls $UTDHCPDIR | gsort -g | grep "SunRay-interface" > $TMPLISTFILE
        if [[ $? != 0 ]]; then
                rm -f $TMPLISTFILE 2>/dev/null
                return 1

put the scripts below <tmprpmdirectory>/opt/SUNWut/lib/dhcp/isc in /opt/SUNWut/lib/dhcp/isc

Reference the scripts by setting this link:

root@oi-sr:/etc/opt/SUNWut# ln -s /opt/SUNWut/lib/dhcp/isc dhcp

utadm command needs changes shown in the following patch:

From a1072acfffd91457d91cd6d202a988d88bc3fb8a Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Carsten Grzemba <>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2020 10:58:31 +0100
Subject: [PATCH] apply changes for:
* change the dhcp config file name
* different ipadm argument names
* name IP interface utadm to refer to the IP address creator
* do not use /etc/hostname.<if>

 utadm | 41 +++++++----------------------------------
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)

diff --git a/utadm b/utadm
index cffac27..448c171 100644
--- a/utadm
+++ b/utadm
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ UTDHCPSERVICE_SUCCESS=0


@@ -207,6 +207,7 @@ function SetPlatformDependencies  {
         if [ -x /usr/sbin/ipadm ]; then
+          DHCPCONFIG="/etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf"

         ;;    # end case SunOS
@@ -1783,14 +1784,6 @@ function DoAddNetworkConfig {
     for test in ${INTF_ALL}; do
         if [ "${INTF}" = "${test}" -a -f "${HOSTNAME_C}${INTF}" ]; then
-        #
-        # Need to catch the case where hostname.<intf> exists but the hostname
-        # defined in the file may not be configured locally in the hosts file.
-        #
-        if [ ! -f ${HOSTNAME_C}${INTF} ]; then
-            print -u2 "Error: missing \"${HOSTNAME_R}${INTF}\" file."
-            return 1
-        fi
         if [[ $OS == "SunOS" ]]; then
             NAME=`getIfname ${INTF}`
             if [ -z "${NAME}" ]; then
@@ -2567,9 +2560,9 @@ should an auth server be located by broadcasting on the network?" "Y"
         # Clear any pre-existing state on interface, then create
         # new persistent configuration
-        ipadm delete-ip ${INTF} 2>/dev/null
-        ipadm create-ip ${INTF}
-        ipadm create-addr -T static -a local=${IPADDR}/${MASKBITS} ${INTF}/v4static
+        ipadm delete-if ${INTF} 2>/dev/null
+        ipadm create-if ${INTF}
+        ipadm create-addr -T static -a local=${IPADDR}/${MASKBITS} ${INTF}/v4utadm
         # ifconfig the new interface
         ifconfig ${INTF} plumb >/dev/null 2>&1 ;
@@ -2710,7 +2703,7 @@ function DoList {
     if [[ $BLOCKTYPE = "interface" ]] ; then
       if Intf=${UT_DHCP_INTERFACE} ; then
         if [[ ! -s ${HOSTNAME_R}.${Intf} ]]; then
-        IntfAddr=""*MISSING*""
+        IntfAddr=`ipadm show-addr -p -o ADDR ${Intf}/ | awk '{split($1,a,"/"); print a[1]}'`
             typeset H=`getIfname ${Intf}`
             IntfAddr=`getent hosts $H | awk '{ print $1 }'`
@@ -3151,14 +3144,6 @@ function DoPrint {


-    #
-    # Need to catch the case where hostname.<intf> exists but the hostname
-    # defined in the file may not be configured locally in the hosts file.
-    #
-    if [ ! -f ${HOSTNAME_R}.${INTF} ]; then
-        print -u2 "Error: missing \"${HOSTNAME_R}.${INTF}\" file."
-        return 1
-    fi
     H=`getIfname ${INTF}`
     if [ -z "${H}" ]; then
         print -u2 "Error: interface ${INTF} is partially configured.  Hostname not" \
@@ -3452,19 +3437,7 @@ function getIfname {
     awk '{print $1 ; exit}' "${HOSTNAME_R}.$1"
-    # With ipadm, there's no way to create a persistent
-    # configuration without it immediately being reflected in the
-    # runtime configuration, nor does ipadm provide any convenient
-    # way to find the IPv4 addrobj for the interface, so just
-    # check runtime configuration via ifconfig.
-    IPADDR=$(ifconfig $1 | awk '
-        /[     ]inet /{
-            for (i = 1; i < NF; ++i) {
-                if ($i == "inet") {
-                    print $(i+1)
-                }
-            }
-        }')
+    IPADDR=`ipadm show-addr -p -o ADDR $1/ | awk '{split($1,a,"/"); print a[1] }'`
     if [ -z "$IPADDR" ]; then
         print -u2 "Error in parsing of ifconfig addresses"
         exit 2

Java Runtime Environment

The Sun Ray Software needs the Sun/Oracle JRE 1.7 which is shipped with the Sun Ray Software.


You can run utconfig and utadm the way described in the Sun Ray Software document.

How to get GNOME on current Hipster

As already mentioned the Sun Ray Software cannot handled by LightDM and we still have to use GDM and some GNOME components necessary for the gnome-greeter session.

Be sure you have installed:

# pkg install libbonoboui

Make sure that they actually install as in the future they may be eventually obsoleted from Hipster (no empty metapackages or obsoleted packages).

update older Hipster

If you have Sun Ray running on Hipster with GNOME, you can prevent GNOME components removal by "freezing" them and releasing their version locks:

# pkg freeze gdm libgnomekbd gnome-session gnome-settings-daemon

and release the version locks:

# pkg change-facet facet.version-lock.gnome/gnome-session=false
# pkg change-facet facet.version-lock.gnome/gnome-settings-daemon=false
# pkg change-facet facet.version-lock.system/display-manager/gdm=false
# pkg change-facet facet.version-lock.library/gnome/libgnomekbd=false


On IPS there are meta-packages which define package dependencies of type=incorporate, which means:

If a package will installed, it have to have the version defined in the incorporate dependency.

We want to install an other version of the gnome packages as defined in userland-incorporation meta-package and relaese the version locks like shown above.

Install on current Hipster (2022)

If you have installed new Hipster, it is necessary to install GNOME packages for GDM and its greeter-session. For user session it is fine to select 'Mate Session', it is no longer necessary to install other packages needed by Gnome Session (only Gnome packages which Mate session still uses).

Last known working OpenIndiana GNOME packages versions are the following:


These are still in hipster repo, but are obsoleted empty metapackages.

At you can find the old GNOME packages with newer release date, so that these should be able to install it on current Hipster. This publisher is provided and supported by community member Carsten Grzemba not by the OpenIndiana project. For this to work add this publisher in a way, that it takes precedence over the default publisher:

# pkg set-publisher -g sunray
# pkg set-publisher --non-sticky

and install all packages from sunray publisher.


The version locks of the gnome packages have to relaese like decribed in update older Hipster.

Install from Hipster (2019)

This is outdated and not necessary anymore. But it is kept here in case someone would still like to run Gnome-Session on Hipster.

If you installed new Hipster, it is necessary to install GNOME packages before they were obsoleted from Hipster.

Last known working OpenIndiana GNOME packages versions are the following:



Latest Hipster delivers XScreenSaver only in 64-bit. The SunRay PAM module are shipped as 32-bit only so unlocking works only with 32-bit XScreenSaver. That's why we need the XScreenSaver package with 32-bit bins from

It is more comfortable to use mate-screensaver. For PAM is only the module mate-screensaver-pam-helper needed. This is not an shared object, instead it is an executable and can be shipped in 32bit independent from the other commands.


the GDM service has to be enabled. lightdm should not run however.

# svcadm enable graphical-login/gdm
# svcadm disable graphical-login/lightdm

Login Screen (gdm-greeter) won't reapear after logout

After logout the gdm-login won't reappear. Install the following script as /opt/SUNWut/lib/gdm/ and call it by the /etc/opt/SUNWut/gdm/SunRayPostSession/helpers/revivesession helper script.

/opt/SUNWut/lib/gdm/ &

/opt/SUNWut/lib/gdm/ contains:


 Reconnect SunRay X-session: some times after logout, the gdm will not start login screen on the X-session and the DTU remains in state 26D
 INSTALL: - cp to /opt/SUNWut/lib/gdm/
          - create script /etc/opt/SUNWut/gdm/SunRayPostSession/helpers/revivesession:
            /opt/SUNWut/lib/gdm/ &

import subprocess as sp
import re
import pdb
import time
import logging

logformat = "%(asctime)s %(levelname)s:%(message)s"
logging.basicConfig(format = logformat)
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)



pid = sp.Popen(['pgrep','gdm-binary'], stdout=sp.PIPE).stdout.readline().strip()
logger.debug("GDM pid %s ", pid.decode())
dpl = [ p.split()[2].strip(b':') for p in sp.Popen(['ptree', pid], stdout=sp.PIPE).stdout.readlines() if b'/opt/SUNWut/lib/Xnewt' in p ]
logger.debug("Xnewt display {}".format( dpl))

# error -4 gdm-simple-slave not started for Display, no UT sessions
for sess in sp.Popen(['/opt/SUNWut/sbin/utsession','-px'], stdout=sp.PIPE).stdout.readlines():
    for t in sess.split(b';'):
        if b'STATE' in t: state = t.split(b'=')[1]
        if b'DISPLAY' in t: disp = t.split(b'=')[1]
    if state == 0 and disp in dpl:
        # ok
        logger.debug("restart display %s"  % disp.decode())
        sp.Popen(['/opt/SUNWut/lib/gdm/utgdmdynamic','-a', disp])

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Created: 2021-02-27 11:11:22