2016.04 Release notes

So, after half a year we have new ISO:

Image Checksum
OI-hipster-gui-20160421.iso [SHA256]
OI-hipster-gui-20160421.usb [SHA256]
OI-hipster-text-20160421.iso [SHA256]
OI-hipster-text-20160421.usb [SHA256]

List of mirrors

As always, there were a lot of changes since the last snapshot. These changes are also available to existing installations via the pkg update && pkg upgrade procedure.

General system changes

New nlipkg zone brand was introduced, which behaves like old ipkg brand (i.e. it doesn't check child and parent images for consistency). It's possible to convert ipkg zone to nlipkg one. To do so, install system/zones/brand/nlipkg, change zone's brand to nlipkg and remove /var/pkg/linked inside zone.

Closed sysidtool which could be used to set initial system parameters on first boot and initialize zone's configuration was replaced with sysding. All other packages from closed admin incorporation were also removed.

Now we publish userland-incorporation, which has to be installed on user's system and restricts all installed software versions. This helps in identifying non-compatible packages. If you need to relax it, you can use facets.

Text installer now can configure network parameters using sysding.

Updates from unmaintained OpenIndiana /dev version to /hipster should be possible now. See this instruction.

Note, that this is the last snapshot which in some way supports 32-bit systems. Compatibility for running 32-bit applications on 64-bit systems will be preserved.

Desktop software and libraries

Development tools and libraries

Server software

Other tools

As always, we are proud to deliver to you latest illumos-gate bits (i.e. illumos-f83b46b).

There's also a lot of security fixes and small bug fixes.

As for missing things, we would like to update to latest Xorg, but we still miss radeon driver for it. More updates to X11 libraries are coming, as well as PHP 7.0.5.

I'd like to mention that all JDS components, present in /dev, were moved to oi-userland. As for oi-userland itself, its tools are switched to python 2.7. Components are moving to categories according to categories layout. Logic for publishing renamed/obsolete packages was imported from upstream userland-gate.