Hipster Handbook - Installing OpenIndiana /dev and upgrading to /hipster


This page contains legacy instructions for creating USB media which applied prior to OI 2016.10, and upgrade instructions for the legacy oi-dev-151x branch. This page is not applicable to current versions of OI.

Creating a Hipster USB Drive (pre 2016.10 only)

There are two unique methods for creating bootable USB flash drives. The method to use depends on the release date of the USB image you intend to write.



  • Header files are only required when writing a legacy image AND using the dd utility.
    • Header files are NOT required when writing current images.
    • For example: The Hipster 2016.10 release, does NOT require header files.


Failure to use the correct USB header file can result in the USB drive either failing to boot, or only partially booting.

BSD/Linux/OS X

In the command below, replace X with the appropriate letter for your USB device. At least on Linux and FreeBSD you can add status=progress operand to print basic transfer statistics, refer to dd(1) man page of your platform for more information.

# cat 1G.header image.usb | dd bs=1024k of=/dev/sdX

For live images larger than 1GB, use the following command instead.

# cat 2G.header image.usb | dd bs=1024k of=/dev/sdX


For illumos based distributions including OpenIndiana, a script (USBCOPY) is available to copy the USB image onto a USB device.

Be sure to run as root or with SUDO as the script exits if not run with elevated permissions.

# ./usbcopy image.usb
Found the following USB devices:
0:    devices/dev/rdsk/c4t0d0p0    3.9 GB    USB    DISK 2.0       1.00
Enter the number of your choice: 0

WARNING: All data on your USB storage will be lost.
Are you sure you want to install to
USB DISK 2.0 1.00, 3900 MB at /dev/rdsk/c4t0d0p0 ?  (y/n) y
Copying and verifying image to USB device
Finished 1643 MB in 685 seconds (2.3MB/s)
0 block(s) re-written due to verification failure
Installing grub to USB device /dev/rdsk/c4t0d0s0
Completed copy to USB


The OpenSolaris Live USB Creator is a small stand alone GUI utility suitable for creating an OpenIndiana bootable USB flash drive.

Updating OpenIndiana /dev to /hipster

This section describes how to update your existing OpenIndiana /dev installation to OpenIndiana /hipster.

Note, that although direct updating from /dev to /hipster can be possible, it's not exhaustively tested.

There are several techniques which you can use to update your systems, including root pool installation from OpenIndiana ISO. Complete reinstall also can be a decent option.

Further it's considered that you were warned and decided to do more-or-less direct update from /dev to /hipster.


Only server installation update was tested. If you do GUI installation update, you are on your own. Of course, you are welcome to ask questions in oi-dev mailing list, but prepare that nobody will guide you through update.

# pkg update -v
# beadm create oi-hipster
# beadm mount oi-hipster /mnt
# pkg -R /mnt list pkg://sfe/* pkg://sfe-encumbered/* pkg://opensolaris.org/*
# pkg -R /mnt uninstall <list of matched packages>
# pkg -R /mnt unset-publisher opensolaris.org
# pkg -R /mnt set-publisher -g http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster -G http://pkg.openindiana.org/dev openindiana.org
# pkg -R /mnt refresh --full


Two following steps are actually better to run under screen(1) or tmux(1)

# pkg -R /mnt update -nv 2>&1 | tee /root/testing_update
# less /root/testing_update
# pkg -R /mnt update -v 2>&1 | tee /root/update
# less /root/update
# zpool import -R /tmp rpool
# beadm mount oi-hipster /mnt
# bootadm update-archive -R /mnt/tmp -vf -F cpio
# installboot -mvF  /mnt/tmp/boot/pmbr /mnt/tmp/boot/gptzfsboot /dev/rdsk/c2t0d0s0
# beadm activate oi-hipster
# init 6
# svccfg -s metainit delete default
# svcs -xv
# pkg info osnet-incorporation userland-incorporation